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3D Printing Hangul

Permission to modify the font has been granted by the font designer( Gyehyun Park) prior to 3D modeling & printing.

Typography is one of my favorite design topic, and I came across an interesting Korean font that was 3D shaped, named Gye Font. I really enjoyed the Gye Font (계체) and because I liked it too much, I went ahead and created an actual 3D version of the font with Rhino and a 3D printer. 

The letters are "놀이시작", meaning Let The Game Begin

3D modeling with Rhino

3D Printed letters using FDM 3D printer with PLA material

3D Printed letters using FDM 3D printer with PLA material

The fonts were originally 2D representation of 3D object. In the real world, they defied gravity and I needed a way to hover them in mid air.

After printing the letters in PLA form, I took some time to roughly polish using THF to dissolve the texture down to softer form. Then set a scene with regular black cloth with some masking tape, and clear acrylic to hold and position the letters in piece.  I slightly touched the photos to erase tapes and extra plastic pieces.